A Resource for Community Members:

KBEEA organizations offer a variety of public events to support the curiosity of the community to engage in their surrounding ecosystem(s). This website provides a one-stop shop to explore our offerings and get you started.

Please direct specific inquiries to the hosting organization or to

Public Events

Accessing the Outdoors

Explore the park and all it has to offer!

From Bishop's Beach to the Wynn Nature Center, explore on foot, on bike, or skis.

Closest Mountain Bike Trail in Homer

Find something in nature along Kachemak Bay? Post it to Kachemak Bay Nature Watch to learn more!

Places to Rent Recreational Gear

The following is a list of outdoor recreation gear available for rent in the Homer area. This may not include all rentals in the Homer area. If we miss something or you have questions, email us at

The City of Homer Community Recreation Program has a list of gear to check out for up to 2 weeks! Click here to find out more about this program and how to check out sports gear.


  • Homer Saw and Cycle: (907) 235-8406

  • Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies: (907) 235 -6667

Classic and Skate Skis

  • Homer Saw and Cycle: (907) 235-8406

Fishing Pole and Ice Fishing Gear

  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game of Homer: (907) 235-8191

Bear Canisters

  • Alaska Department of Fish & Game: 235-8191

  • Kachemak Bay State Parks: 235-7024

  • Homer Saw and Cycle: (907) 235-8406 (also has bear spray to rent)

Bikes and Fat Tire Bikes

  • Cycle Logical: (907) 226-2925

  • Homer Saw & Cycle: (907) 235-8406


  • Ashore Water Taxi: (907) 235-2341

  • Mako’s Water Taxi: (907) 235-9055

  • True North Adventures: (907) 235-0708

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)

  • True North Adventures: (907) 235-0708


  • True North Adventures: (907) 235-0708

Wetsuit Rentals

  • Ashore Water Taxi: (907) 235-2341

  • True North Adventures: (907) 235-0708

Do you have a public event or resource for accessing the outdoors that you want us to share? Email